Independent broadcast engineers group


We focus on automation and optimization solutions for broadcasters and post-production houses.

Open-source software creates a cornerstone of our work and we are proud of it.

While developing our own software, we also provide integration and training services for other OSS products.


Our flagship - Nebula - is an open source media asset management and broadcast automation system.

Powerful and stable enough to run 24/7 multichannel TV or radio broadcast on-premises or in a shared environment with a great emphasis on simplicity, modularity, and speed.


We solve problems. Thanks to our experience we obtain mastery over optimization and fixing workflows regardless of suppliers and existing technology.

We focus on making processes automated followed by cost reduction.

The software


We normalize and transcode all incoming files to the production format.

This process includes metadata extraction, aspect ratio fixing, crop and rotation detection, smart frame rate and size normalization and EBU R128 loudness correction.


Nebula uses extendable, EBUCore based metadata model backed by a powerful database engine.

Python scripting allows limitless extensibility and automation.


Nebula uses Dramatica engine - template based scheduler with a smart solving algorithm.

This enables automatic or semi-automatic playlist creation including "selector style" music blocks solving.


Using reliable hardware with CasparCG software, our playout servers are suitable for 24/7 multichannel playback in various resolutions and frame rates.


In-house developed CG rendering library is the perfect complenent to CasparCG and enables rendering of tickers, complex charts or tables from assets metadata or any other data source.


We are able to deliver high quality video stream to publishing point of your choice or to most streaming platforms our own CDN service.

Batteries included

We won't walk out after initial technology setup.

Our open, modular architecture allows maximum reusability of the existing technology on-site. We learn from each and every setup and work to share the knowledge we acquired during over a decade of experience.

Successful projects

Czech TV

GPU accelerated low-res video encoder based on Nebula and Aura library for Czech Television – Public broadcaster in the Czech Republic.

Czech TV

An end-to-end solution for Sport 5 – a privately held sports channel (media asset management, ingest, automation, playout, web).

Czech TV

A small-scale end-to-end Nebula deployment for a television workflow training in Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty.

Czech TV

A complete real-time stock graphics solution and VOD archive for Z1 TV – the first privately held DVB news channel in the Czech Republic.

Czech TV

NXTV is our "Because we can" demo channel powered by open source software and libre content (creative commons, public domain).

Hope TV

Ingest servers and various encoders and auxiliary playout server and its automation for Hope TV.


A playout and streaming solution for Czech version of Stream Team, a live programme designed for Eurosport`s Facebook page.

TV Relax

Six regional playouts for TV Relax and custom automation system deployed within one day.

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