streampunk broadcast

slightly better video delivery service

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About us

video delivery service not just for punks

We can deliver Live Video from Anywhere to Any Device.

We are not yet another Wowza server owners or Akamai resellers. We utilize open source software along with our own code. Your audience can tune in from your website, mobile devices or smart TVs.

Our services

online video done better

on-prem encoding

The best video quality is our top priority. This includes High-FPS, UHD and HDR transmissions.

On the other hand - we are able to push the stream through ISPs bottlenecks, celluar networks etc.

delivery network

Our delivery platform is based on.... you don't really expect we tell you, do you :)

Ok... it's nginx. mostly

monitoring and support

video and audio quality assurance, confidence recording.... and lots of other bla blas

front end

Our live player has been 100% designed and created in house and we’re very proud of its success.

For each transmission we provide secure and fully customisable microsite to match your corporate branding offering many interactive features.

And we do not use Flash. Nowhere.